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Welcome to the FSX SpacePort demo download section


Use the link on the left to download the latest version of the FSX SpacePort demo. the installation uses automate InstallShield technology, and it is fast, simple and straightforward.


Note that FSX SpacePort is still in heavy development stage. As such, many features are not functional yet, and we are currently working on them. The demo is for the purpose of demonstrating the technology and principles of the simulation, to illustrate things that are in the pipeline, and the direction of where the things are heading. In this demo, you CAN:


  • load and place available spacecraft in any circular orbit up to 30,000 km AGL and maneuver it in all axis, translational and rotational.
  • load and automatically attach various objects, allowing for assembly of orbital structures.
  • manipulate and control objects other than user object.
  • dock and undock from objects equipped with docking port(s) using a basic and rudimentary instrumentation
  • de-orbit spacecraft, however, there is no atmospheric drag force implemented yet - spacecraft will keep falling and then sliding along earth surface.
  • properly de-orbit and recover spacecraft (using re-entry deceleration and parachutes/retro rockets)
  • Use and interact with instrumentation


...and you CANNOT (yet):


  • build, stack and launch a rocket from the Earth's surface.
  • travel to Moon, Mars, or anywhere else beyond 30,000 km AGL.
  • Exit out of the spacecraft and perform EVA.
  • Have cloud cover above Earth (something we're looking into)
  • Observe rotation of Earth - the Earth is static at the time of the demo release and the spacecraft will track above the same areas of the Earth's surface.


All of the things you cannot yet do are under development, so stay tuned for the updates to the demo, and eventual release of the full version.

Download demo

FSXSpacePortDemo.exe v0.00.98

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