and the surrounding area

Introducing the aerial scenery rendering of the African continent's tallest mountain, and its surroundings! Created specifically for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2020 using the latest SDK compliant methods,the scenery has been color and shadow corrected and seamlessly blended into the surrounding generic textures. It retains the default generic vegetation and 3D structures. The final area covered is over 170 square kilometers, and the size of the scenery package is 4.4Gb.



  • Over 170 square kilometers of level 19 aerial orthophoto coverage
  • Perfectly fits and complements default mesh
  • Version 1 package 4.4Gb in size
  • Color and shadow corrected
  • Seamlessly blended into the surrounding generic textures
  • Retains default 3D structures and vegetation

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EUR 20.00

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