TerraBuilder LITE is an application used to create add-on scenery for Microsoft's legacy  Flight Simulator family of products. It is specifically geared towards production of PhotoRealistic scenery, using the aerial or satellite imagery freely available on the internet.


TerraBuilder is fully compatible with Microsoft's Flight Simulator versions 2002 and 2004. It also has the ability to create scenery for the versions older than the above versions, as well as Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator series.


An FSX-compatible version is available as a TerraBuilder FSX product.

Photorealistic scenery designer for Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004

TerraBuilder LITE version is scaled-down version of TerraBuilder PRO. LITE version is intended for a casual scenery designer and it lacks some features that would usually be used by experienced designers.


It is highly recommended that user familiarizes him/herself with the TerraBuilder LITE version first and then make decision about purchasing.

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Product details


Product Details


  • Flight Simulator comes with the world-wide scenery coverage which approximates and generalizes the geographical and landscape features.
  • TerraBuilder uses the high-resolution aerial or satelite imagery  that replaces the default scenery with the high-quality, photo-realistic coverage.
  • The final result is the scenery that looks as close to the real life as the imagery it was derived from.

TerraBuilder is completely compatible with the Flight Simulator scenery engine. Indeed, it uses Microsoft-provided tools (freely available to the scenery designers) to build all the neccessary files. TerraBuilder serves as a front-end to these tools and provides additional functionality to simplify and expedite the creation of custom sceneries.


This software is compatible with:


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

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